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Our 6-step process to starting, or growing, your own beauty, skincare or wellbeing brand with us.

Good Chemistry* are small, specialist team of experts who work closely with you to create your own iconic and innovative skincare, beauty and wellbeing products. Working with us, you have the option to research and develop your own new skincare range or use our Private Label Range, to springboard your brand to success. Here's our easy 6-step process to get you started:

Step 1: Clarify your goals/strategy

What do you you want for your beauty or skincare brand? Before making any business decisions, outline your goals. Consider

Firstly who is your customer? Why would they choose your products over others?


What is your product idea? Is natural or clean skincare a priority? Is it skincare, beauty or home care? Do you have a clear point of difference?  

You and your business
What's your current level of experience and budget? How will you sell it?
How do you want people to perceive you - what's your brand or identity?
All the above help your form a clear 'value proposition' for you customers and business, the 'why' in why you'd do this, and why your customers need it.

value proposition diagram
Step 2: Choose your path

Based on your budget, business model and vision for your brand, choose the path that are best for you. There are 4 main paths to creating your brand:

Which path you choose largely depends on your budget, time, experience and brand position.

2 women in consultation meeting
therese bullen

“You can choose multiple paths for developing your products. You can say build a bespoke 'hero' product, supported by a small range of private label. Get creative with what will work for your budget, business and customers."

Tess, Co-founder of Good Chemistry

Step 3: Product planning

This next step of product planning includes planning your range, selecting products and trying samples if you are on the private label path, or putting together a product brief and planning the development with the lab if you are customising products or selecting to do bespoke formulations.

cosmetic product range photo
therese bullen

“Remember, you don't need a full product range to get started. Some of the most successful brands started with just 1-3 products. It comes down to what your customer wants and needs, and also your business goals. If you want a solid range of products, private label enables you to get started with no stress and low budget."

Tess, Co-founder of Good Chemistry

Step 4: Get into the detail

Once you've outlined your path, and decided an a product range and lab partner, it's time to get down into the details. Planing is key! Ask questions, order samples, work out the finer details including:
- What are the details of your order? Quantity, packaging, size and more.
- What's the final price per unit?
- When to expect your order in and out to market.

photo of product design meeting
therese bullen

“How much work you do here can depend on how big or small you are starting out but more planning can help reduce your risks, manage all the tasks you need to do and keep your budget and timelines in check. ”

Tess, Co-founder of Good Chemistry

Step 5: Determine your marketplace

Where will you sell your products? Today, there are more options than ever for marketing and selling your skincare, wellness and homecare products here in New Zealand or internationally. Think big!
Options include your own ecommerce platform  (e.g. Shopify), social media (Tik Tok, Facebook or Insta) or markets like Amazon, Etsy or Trademe. You may wholesale to other retailers (ecommerce and/or brick and mortar stores). To hone on finding your marketing and sales channel, think about how best to reach your customers.

cosmetic retail shop floor
Step 6: Define your marketing strategy

Once you've outlined your products and got the development/manufacturing underway, it's time to start promoting your brand...before you start selling. Having a marketing plan ready to articulate your target customers (e.g. develop customer personas), brand identity/vibe, social media strategy and your website/digital presence.

Marketing diagram
therese bullen

“we also recommend developing a 'launch plan', which should include gaining customers to subscribe to an email list, and your socials, pre launch."

Tess, Co-founder of Good Chemistry

You made it!
It's your time to shine! The journey may not have been easy but you've made it to the big day. It's time to launch!

Join other New Zealand and Australian start ups taking the first steps to creating their own brand. Talk to our expert team and book in a Discovery Call when you're ready to get started.

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